Duik Kopf

August ´13 – Working hours at Elmar Vogel´s

Two weeks working at the festival Fusion

art’pu:l 2013- Assistence of Jesus Borra Arto

as from April ´13 –  Working hours in la Floresta

January 2013 – Forlough and working hours at Robert Beerscht´s

June 2012 – Arriving in “Les Naus de L´art” at Hans Nottelmann´s (master carpenter)

April, May 2012 Expedition through France; working hours with Jeremie Combalot and with his brothers at the foot of Canigou

12/11 – 3/12: Working and studying at Robert Beerscht´s (artist and sculptor) near museum island Hombroich; meeting and making aquaintance with professor Anatol Herzfeld

11/11: One week: small task in the sculpture´s department of the Babelsberg film studio in Potsdam

10/11: Three weeks “Professionel Art Handling”, arranging exhibits at the MHM

7/11 – 10/11: freelance job at the preparation of the exhibition MHM Dresden

4/11 – 7/11: Working and studying at Elmar Vogel´s (artist and sculptor) in Dresden

10/10 – 4/11: “Ora et Labora”at the prostestant Gethsemane monastery in Goslar

1/08 – 10/10: CoArrangement and restorement of a house at Upper Market Goerlitz

9/07 – 6/10: Training at Barnhard Kremser´s (artist and sculptor in Goerlitz)

8/07 Two weeks internship at the surgery ward of the hospital in Goerlitz

4/07 – 7/07 CoWorker at the two-day Culture Movement Festival at the Berzdorfer See

1/07 – 4/07 Internship in the dramaturgy department of the Music Theater Goerlitz

7/06 – 1/07 National Service in the material group at military engineer battalion Dessau

4/2006 – 7/2006 Basic formation at the Clausewitz´s barracks in Burg near Magdeburg

1996 – 2006 Gymnasium Annenschule Augustum in Goerlitz

Leaving school at O-Level

1992 – 1996 Primary School Markersdorf

Grown up in Markersdorf

Dirk Scholze – born 21 November 1986 in Goerlitz