Handcraft skills and activities:


Working with [and] sharpening and maintaining of saws, gimlets, carve and crowbars

Working with circular saw, band saw, turning machine, milling machine, planing machine

Working with chain saw, stationary router, circular handsaw, jigsaw, scroll saw

Restoration of windows, doors, furniture, sculptures, depending on the concept

Surfacetreatment with lazes, pickling, shellac, synthetic resins, acrylic, wax, etc.

Varnishing work with compressed air (powder coating)

Constructive protection of wood

Pasting with wood, PU and bone glue

Production and realization of technical drawings

Carving and inlay works, chip carving

Installation work

Stone carver´s work:

Dealing with heavy loads, lifting operations

Manual processing of natural stones, methods of stone processing under assistence of

Elmar Vogel

Limestone, shell lime stone (Muschelkalk), marble, granite, basalt, sand stone

cutting to seize stone at water cooled circular saw

Flexing and grinding of stone

Working with compressed air, emergency generator, Kaercher (high pressure cleaner)

Drawing, laying, engraving, colouring and gilding of writings

Working with epoxy resin

Shifting works for grave stones

Profile works

Production of templates and counter templates

Blending and adjusting germinal lazures (silicate colour)

Placing of natural stone slabs, tiles, pavings

Flame-scarfing of granite with acetyl/oxygen

Metal workings:

Forging and hardening of hot, cold and drove chisel under assistence of Robert Beerscht

Abrasive cutting, welding and cutting of metal

Preserving and restoring metal with oil and synthetic resin

Burnishing of meal fittings, traditional preserving (Kalaschnikov)

Metal drilling and thread cutting

Enchasing and patinating copper

Casting processes and techniques (experiences with plumb and plaster)


Wood and stone imitation

Reverse glass painting

Blending and adjusting of colours (acrylic, oil, silicate)

Brushwork, stippler methods with paintbrush, cloth or sponge

Painter and varnishing work

Simple scene and ilusion painting (trompe l’oeil)

Gilding with leaf gold and ?, shellack and gold bronze

Vergoldung mit Blattgold und Mixtion, Schelllack und Goldbronze

Chalking of mountings and surfaces

Filling and retouching works

Other materials and works:

Lexan: cutting and designing (ink, shellack)

Paper: cutting, folding, bookbinding

Fabric: sewing and stretching

Styrofoam: Sturodur carving and designing with wire brush, wire, saw and knife

Leather: cutting, sewing, bolstering

Silicon and rubber (for large-scale glazes)

Moulding works with clay and wax

Cutting and adjusting of glass, Tiffany and plumb glazing under assistence of Michael Rust

Construction of models for room installations and concepts of architecture

Specific skills and activities:

many years of practice of dog´s sport

seven years of English and five years of Polnish lessions at Secondary school


Eight weeks of improvised french and half a year Spanish/Catalan

Training to maintainer of equipment at the Federal Armed Forces

Driver´s licence (category B) since 2007

Artistical and technical education at Kremser´s, Vogel´s and Beershct´s

Archive and research workings at the dramaturgy departement

Studying and working in a monastery´s kitchen, preparation of vegetarian whole-food

meals after Bruker

Vocals and voice training by cantor Achim Gilbert, introduction into the Gregorian chant

Maintaing the monastery´s garden, janitor and economic activity

Introduction into and working with the Enneagram in the claustral spirit school

Improvisational theater under the assistence of Olaf Bettschneider (participation at the

Ostritzer Musical, 7,8/10)

Youth Theater under the assistence of Peter Hanslik (physicist)

Youths are researching (“Jugend forscht”)- self-reliant theater project with German and

Polish adolscents to promote the intercultural dialogue

Drawing scholl under assistence of Kremser „from central perspective“ (“aus

Zentralperpektive”), watercolor under assistence of Beerscht


Cycling, trekking, swimming

Good music and dancing

Creating and playing theater

Ball sports